South East Asia


The time has come. The flame has been reignited. The passion rediscovered. The memories of my most recent trip to South East Asia are just yearning to be put down onto paper. And who am I to resist? Travel blogging in such hindsight will be a new experience. So here goes.

Blog post number 1.

South East Asia: 26th December 2014 – 26th February 2015.

4 countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

The notion of Asia has always been so appealing (so appealing that my flights were in fact booked before I even returned from Europe!): the humid craziness of bustling Bangkok to the peace and tranquility found in the jungle of Chiang Mai. From the YOLO experiences of the full moon party, to getting up at sunrise to take in the splendour of Angkor Wat. From beaches and markets to elephants and tuktuks, and coconuts and curries to everything between, I was ready to relish my last two months of freedom before the rest of my life was due to begin. And by that, I mean full time work.

We were ready. Asia baby, here we come.



Koh Samui / Kohphangan / Koh Tao / Chiang Mai / Pai / Bangkok / Phi Phi


The Commute / Luang Prabang / Vang Vieng


Ho Chi Minh City / Nha Trang / Hoi An / Mekong Delta


Sihanoukville / Phnom Penh / Battambang / Siem Reap


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